Wax On, Wax Off

20 Feb

November 2017   I have seen the enemy.  And it is poop.  Literally poop.  ‘What the hell is this dog yapping on about?’ you wonder.  Let me begin at…well, the beginning, of course. This is where we stayed in London! … Read More »

Secrets of Hyde Park

4 Feb

November 2017   Oh, hi!  I didn’t see you standing there. What’s that?  You want to know all about the secrets of Hyde Park in London, England?!  Well, how about you settle for one interesting fact and a couple of … Read More »

Werewoofs of London

21 Jan

There are still so many misadventures in Edinburgh to talk about, but for now…it’s time to move on.  Jo demands I catch up on the blog or she’ll leave me behind in Italy, where, undoubtedly, some crazed puppet maker will … Read More »

Two Stooges in England

28 Nov

August 2017   We’re cramming Heysham, the Lake District, one injury, and rental car hijinx into a single post (because Jo is a lazy, disorganized human), so it’s a long one. Grab a cup o’ tea, tell the kids to … Read More »

Canterbury Tails

13 Aug

June 23 – 30, 2017   As we headed into Canterbury, England with our taxi friend, Frances, we were greeted by the sight of two baby sheep in an adjacent field, teat butting their mother and lifting her right up off … Read More »

Adiós, Spain; Hello, UK!

3 Aug

June 2017   Day whatever into our journey:  If anyone ever finds this journal, it means Jo is dead…and I threw her over the balcony…or tripped her going down the stairs.  And I’m lying on a beach somewhere sipping beef-flavored … Read More »