Wrapping up the Highlands

6 Nov

July 2017   We are finally wrapping up the Highlands and slapping a bow on its sexy ass!  Scotland is breathtaking and mystical, and I’m convinced my spirit animal is the wild haggis.  The only stress you’ll encounter out here is … Read More »

The Highland Games

4 Nov

July 2017   At long last, today was the day.  The day Jo and I had both been waiting for since arriving to Scotland (well, mostly Jo).  The day when Highlanders come together to show off their prowess and virility by tossing … Read More »

Oh, Hill No!

20 Sep

July 1st – 28th, 2017   Dear Dairy, * Jo yelling in background:  “It’s diary, Penny…not dairy!” Personally, I’d much rather spill my guts to a block of cheese or a cup of froyo…but whatever… Dear Diary, Jo is going … Read More »

I Think I’m In Love…

4 Sep

July 1st – July 28th, 2017   With Scotland!! And I want to have its puppies.  Don’t tell Jo…she’ll be jealous.  Then she’ll tell me, “I can be more Scottish if that’s what you want.”   Things will get weird.  We’ll … Read More »

Three Dog Knight

19 Aug

July 13, 2017   I got knighted!  Eat your heart out, Sean Connery! Just kidding, Sir Connery.  Jo and I adore you, and I, too, have white hair that is thinning with age. Seems we have a lot more in … Read More »