I Think I’m In Love…

4 Sep

July 1st – July 28th, 2017   With Scotland!! And I want to have its puppies.  Don’t tell Jo…she’ll be jealous.  Then she’ll tell me, “I can be more Scottish if that’s what you want.”   Things will get weird.  We’ll … Read More »

Three Dog Knight

19 Aug

July 13, 2017   I got knighted!  Eat your heart out, Sean Connery! Just kidding, Sir Connery.  Jo and I adore you, and I, too, have white hair that is thinning with age. Seems we have a lot more in … Read More »

Canterbury Tails

13 Aug

June 23 – 30, 2017   As we headed into Canterbury, England with our taxi friend, Frances, we were greeted by the sight of two baby sheep in an adjacent field, teat butting their mother and lifting her right up off … Read More »

Adiós, Spain; Hello, UK!

3 Aug

June 2017   Day whatever into our journey:  If anyone ever finds this journal, it means Jo is dead…and I threw her over the balcony…or tripped her going down the stairs.  And I’m lying on a beach somewhere sipping beef-flavored … Read More »

Barcelona Hodgepodge

30 Jul

May 24 – June 21, 2017   We apologize for the delay.  I was sidetracked due to some pretty epic puppy adventures…and Jo putting me through blog boot camp.  She hid me in a dark closet and trained me to … Read More »

Montserrat Monastery

22 Jun

May 24 – June 21, 2017   This, by far, was my favorite thing to do while in Spain (Jo’s favorite too!)  The monastery, founded in the 9th century and still functioning today, is a bit out of the way … Read More »

Museu de l’Erotica

21 Jun

May 24 – June 21, 2017   Yet again I had to endure the utmost humiliation of being sandwiched into a backpack and paraded through the streets of Barcelona.  Only this time I was forced to witness the history of … Read More »

Barcelona Highlights!

21 Jun

May 24 – June 21, 2017   *It was very much a city!  As in many people ignored us, didn’t make eye contact, didn’t say hello.  Where we’re from, pretty much everyone makes eye contact, and we nod, wave, bark, … Read More »

BARKelona Part Dos

21 Jun

May 24, 2017 “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Or Florida for that matter! Later that morning, after checking into the hostel and getting some much needed sleep, Jo and Gma got their first taste of … Read More »

BARKelona, Here We Come!

19 Jun

May 22, 2017 “We’re off to see the Wizard!” To ask him for some courage to get through this flight.  FUN FACT:  Jo’s afraid of flying, and she hasn’t flown anywhere in about 10 years.  So my grandma (Gma) accompanied … Read More »